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Littrell, Romie F. (2012). Oversimplifications and Omissions in Discussions of the Roles of Business Relationships, Obligations, and Face in China and Relationship-Orientated Societies,
Centre for Cross Cultural Comparisons Working Paper Cccc_Wp_2012.1, http://crossculturalcentre.homestead.com/.

CCCC 2012.3 Littrell, Romie F. (2012). Academic Anterograde Amnesia and What Maslow Really Said. Auckland, New Zealand: Centre for Cross Cultural Comparisons Working Paper CCCC 2012.3
CCCC WP 2012.6 Empirical Analyses of the Question of Validity of University Students Representing Populations of Employed Businesspeople in China and North Asia
Cross-Cultural surveys, response bias, validity, reliability, reverse scored items:
CCCC WP 2013.1 National Comparisons of Gender Egalitarianism in Islamic-Majority and Other Countries: An Investigation of Ethical, Social, and Economic Issues 
CCCC WP 2013.2 Citation: Littrell, Romie F. (2012). Clustering national cultures: A fallacy, or not, or not always? Proceedings Academy of International Business 2012 Annual Meeting (online), Washington, DC, USA, June 30-July 3, 2012, East Lansing, MI, USA: MSU-CIBER & Eli Brad College of Business at Michigan State University. Also available as working paper CCCC WP 2013.2 at http://crossculturalcentre.homestead.com/WorkingPapers.html
CCCC WP 2012.4: an investigation of charismatic leadership dimension measures, confounded by holistic & analytic cognition:  
Citation: Littrell, Ahmadi, Dalati, Kuskova & Snaebjornsson (2016) / Reference: Littrell, R.F.; Ahmadi, Y.; Dalati, S.; Kuskova, V.V. & Snaebjornsson, I.M. (2016). Validity Testing of the Leader Behavior Description Questionnaire XII for Use Across National Cultures. Centre for Cross Cultural Comparisons working paper CCCC WP 2016.1 at http://crossculturalcentre.homestead.com/WorkingPapers.html
Download: Critically Analysing Information Sources and a Guide for a Literature Review: A General Guide for Term Papers, Producing Information for Presentations, and Theses and Dissertations
Center for Cross Cultural Comparisons (2022): CCCC WP 2022.1. ICC calls on World Bank and IMF to help avoid unintended effects of crisis on SMEs