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A voluntary association of cross-cultural researchers

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The Centre for Cross Cultural Comparisons (CCCC) is a voluntary association of cross-cultural researchers organised to share information and research concerning comparing cultures, and to facilitate research collaboration. The CCCC is a not-for-profit, non-government education and research institution.
Romie F. Littrell, BA, MBA, PhD, FIAIR
Centre for Cross-Cultural Comparisons
Email: crossculturalcentre-at-yahoo.com (replace w. @)
Translations of the Schwartz 
Value Survey (SVS) are available by contacting the centre. Go to 
Values Research link above for
a draft users' manual.
GDN provides free online access to a large number of social science journals for researchers in developing and transitional countries. GDN also provides a research grant information service. http://www.gdnet.org/
Hofstede's VSM-08, the survey form for his new 7-dimensionsal model, and the VSM2013 for the 6-dimensional model are available in many languages, along with the manual. The CCCC is carrying out studies with the VSM08, with collaborators for our research consortia investigating preferred leader behaviour and cultural values.
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Leadership in Africa : Leadership & Mangement Studies in Sub-Sahara Africa Conferences Link, click here
Recommended: International Academy for Intercultural Relations http://www.intercultural-academy.net
C.V., Romie Littrell, Facilitator, click here:
Background of the CCCC

The base headquarters of the CCCC has always been in the USA.

The Center for Cross Cultural comparisons (CCCC) was organized as an international voluntary association in 1995, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, USA. With the operations office in the Human Resources /department at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, with research initially in Greater China and South Korea. As Romie Littrell organizes and manages the consortium, the operations headquarters office travels with him. 

In 1999 the headquarters moved to Switzerland and Germany to the Glion Hotel School in Leysin, and the Fachhochschule Aalen and Ostalb Graduate Center in Aalen, Germany.

In 2002 it moved from Aalen, Germany, to Auckland, New Zealand, and the organization was provided support and grants by the Auckland University of Technology, with members working in New Zealand, China, Turkey, and several countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

In 2017 the operating headquarters moved to the National Research University-Higher school of Economics in Saint Petersburg, opening another country for research. While at the NRU-HSE-SPB Several colleagues joined the CCCC as core advisors, researchers, and co-authors
Prof. Andy Bertsch, Of Minot State University in the USA, Prof. Inga Minelgaite' at the University of Iceland, Prof. Gillian Warner-Soderholm at Southeastern Norway University, and BI University in Norway. And, Dr. Jasenko Ljubica, Jasenko Ljubica, Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism
University of Split, Split, Croatia. We also have a new active group in Chongqing, China. 

In 2022, the operating headquarters moved to: Center for Cross Cultural Comparisons, 1220 SW 1st Avenue--No. 211, Gainesville, Florida USA 32601.

The FEELS (Follower, Endorsed, Effective, Leadership, and Sustainability) Project, managed by Prof. Inga Minelgaite', employs the LBDQ50, leader behavior preferences survey in its research projects. Feels URL: https://feelsproject.wordpress.com/about-the-project/