LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT STUDIES  IN SUB-SAHARA AFRICA - Conference LMSSSA2010: Cape Town, South Africa, 22- 24 November 2010, Southern Summer 
Bringing new knowledge, new practices, and new thinking to the challenges of managing and leading in Sub-Saharan Africa
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Selected papers from the 2006, 2008 &2010 conferences available:

*Papers are selected for two streams, a COMPETITIVE STREAM and a DEVELOPING RESEARCH STREAM, the latter is research in progress, working papers, basically research at an incomplete stage of development that participants want to present that is focussed on the conference theme. Some may not have the time to produce a competitive paper, but still want to present their information for discussion. Competitive papers that reviewers decide are not sufficiently well developed may be invited to present in the Developing Research stream. Papers must focus on management and/or leadership in Sub-Saharan African organisations, broadly defined. The publication of proceedings will be via a CD with ISSN, competitive papers will be blind reviewed by two reviewers.

Association of South African 
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Sponsors of the conference:
This prize rewards scholarly contributions that focus on management and/or leadership in Sub-Saharan African organizations. To be eligible for the award scholars are required to submit a paper which presents original conceptual research, or field research that contributes new ideas and insights into understanding management and/or leadership in this region; follow the conference “call for paper” style requirements. 

Prize: 1 x year free subscription to AJEMS, a framed award certificate and publication in the journal subject to the usual peer review process.

Best Academic Paper Award sponsored by the African Journal of Economic and Management Studies (AJEMS), published by Emerald Group Publishing Limited: Won by Frederick Frederik Claeyé for "Contextualising Non-profit Management in Sub-Sahara Africa: Understanding Cross-cultural Interaction at the Global/Local Interface"
Selected papers from the Leadership & Management Studies in Sub-Sahara Africa 2010 conference at the Graduate School of Business of the University of Cape Town are available as a special issue of the Asia Pacific Journal of Business and Management, 2011, Volume 2, Number 1, ISSN 1179-626X, at the website: http://uunz.ac.nz/about.aspx?title=journal_of_uunz

Table of Contents:

Romie Littrell 
“Leadership and management studies in sub-Saharan Africa: An introduction to the special issue”
Kurt April and Kai Peters 

“Communal versus individual modalities of work: A South African investigation”

George Wangirayi Nyabadza and Stella M. Nkomo
“The lived experience of the strategic leader: What effective CEOs do, how they do it and an exploration into how they think about it”

Tidings P. Ndhlovu and Leopold Lessassy
“Prospects for ethnic African products in the European Union”

Romie Littrell
“Contemporary sub-Saharan African managerial leadership research: Some recent empirical studies”ext.